Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oh Well Whatever Never Mind

Blogging is such a load of crap. Anybody can say whatever they want anytime, and make it sound so authoritative and true; so well laid out and fonted. Right now, here I am blogging with half a bottle of wine in me and God knows what else. Actually, He doesn't know because I never told him.

But then when it comes to God, he may know anyway. There used to be a sect of Carmelite nuns who bathed with their clothes on because, they reasoned, the Lord can see all things. They thought the Lord was a voyeur. I read this in a book by Bertrand Russell. I used to read such things, now I mostly read crap.

But maybe He is all knowing and the Carmelite nuns were onto something. Every time I do something bad, He punishes me. Of course, sometimes He punishes me when I haven't done anything bad, so I guess in reality, he's a voyeur and a drunk. Certainly His rationality is not all it's cracked up to be.

We all know this. God is not an omnipotent, all knowing, beneficent being. He is a back room gambler with a drinking problem and a warped sense of humor. More warped than anyone you've ever known.

So maybe, the best any of us can aspire to, spiritually speaking, it to be a Holy Enabler. "Oh Lord, yes I agree that those motherfuckers that threw you out of the bar should be flayed alive; damn trailor trash motherfuckers."

Forever and ever, amen.


Ashley said...

Load of crap or not, it's fun, and as you demonstrate, amusing. And after reading a couple others of yours, more'n that, Katie-o.

caosull said...

i have the same name as you... i enjoy what you've said.....keep on